Requests for supervision



I am happy to discuss the potential for supervising an undergraduate who is considering taking GGR491 or GGR492. What’s the difference? In GGR491 students design and complete an independent research project, with emphasis on gaining research experience, particularly with a view towards then moving on to graduate school. GGR492 is a senior practicum, where the project is more applied and the emphasis is on gaining practical experience more typical of a workplace. GGR492 projects must be done in cooperation with a non-governmental organization (NGO), non-profit, government organization or a private company. Both courses are taught as full-year.

If you are interested in having me supervise your project, the proposed work must have a substantial GIS component. If GIS is just one tool that will play a minor part in the overall project, then you would be better off approaching someone who is more closely aligned with the main topic of the project (e.g. urban planning, fluvial geomorphology, etc.).


My current position restricts my supervision to the Master’s level, so please do not request supervision at the Ph.D. level. If you feel that your interests may match my own and you have the usual qualifications, then feel free to contact me about applying to our program. However, for general information about our graduate programs, the application process, and admissions please see our geography department website. Please note: if you send me a form letter asking for me to be your supervisor, you will not receive a response.