In general, I am more than happy to provide reference letters to current or former students who are applying to post-graduate programs. I do ask that, when you ask for letters, you keep the following in mind:

  • Please give me as much time as possible before your deadline. My schedule varies considerably depending on the day, week and time of year. Sometimes I will be able to write a letter in a day or two, but sometimes in might take a week or two.
  • Provide a list of all the courses you took with me and when (e.g. GGR272, Fall, 2011) and the mark you achieved.
  • Indicate whether a simple letter is all that is required or if there is a printed form to fill out, or an online form with the URL
  • Am I the best person to be providing a reference? For example, if you took one course with me and achieved a low or even just mediocre mark, I will not be able to write a very positive letter and this will not help you with your application.
  • I may not agree to write a letter if I feel I can’t provide a positive reference.